Monday, March 13, 2017

7 Months

Height: 27.5 in
Weight: about 17 lbs

This month you:

+ Got your first tooth! You were chewing on everything and it finally popped through.

+ Learned to sit up! We practiced a lot more this month and your balance has improved. You cant sit up for extended periods but if you have the right toys dangling in front of you, you are more motivated. 

+Tried Gerber puffs! You kind of gag on them but you are slowly learning to chew. 

+ Got better at eating purees. You don't stick your tongue out as often, but it still happens!

+ Really found your voice. At night you yell when you wake up rather than cry. At dinner you yell as loud as you can and your dad and I can hardly hear each other talk. Dallin looks at me all the time and says "He's so LOUD!". You really are loud! If we lose track of what we are doing when feeding you, you yell at us as well. Lots and lots of yelling!

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