Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Height: 29.5 in
Weight: 18 lbs 5 oz

Grayson turned ONE! He is just as giggly as could be. He doesn't really talk but he does babble "dadadada" a lot. Another one he does all the time is "mmhmmm". He is sleeping through the night for the most part now and takes 2 naps a day. He is loving being on the move! He is getting much more opinionated and also more frustrated that he cant pull himself up onto things. But we are working on it and I can already see improvements. He loves being around family and new people make him stick his hands up to his ears. He is definitely a shy boy! We love our Grayson!

Favorite foods:
+ Cheerios
+ Bananas
+ Blueberries
+ Graham Crackers
+ Greek Yogurt
+ Peas
+ Fries

He likes:
+ Army crawling around and exploring
+ Being chased 
+ Dallin's Foxes
+ Wheels on toy cars
+ Pushing buttons on the keyboard
+ Touch and feel books

11 months old

We were in Oregon when Grayson turned 11 months and I didn't have his bear to do a comparison picture with. But we have these cute ones instead!

Grayson still wakes 1 time a night but is easy to get back to sleep. He still takes 2 naps a day and he definitely needs them! This kid likes his sleep. 

Some of his favorite foods this month were blueberries. He also really likes Greek yogurt! Some nights that is all he would eat. 

He really started exploring this month! He learned how to army crawl and he loved to explore grandma and grandpa's house. He uses his head to push things out of the way (swiveling chairs) and gets mad if they don't move. He started fighting back a little if Dallin took a toy/food away from him. He definitely is showing a preference to what he wants to do and lets us know even more when he is unhappy. 

Another big improvement we saw this month was that he started taking steps when we hold his hands above his head. Grandpa worked with him and now he loves to walk around with help. Now he sometimes doesn't want to sit down and will make himself stiff as a board to avoid it!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dallin is 3!

Height: 37 inches
Weight: 30.4 pounds

 This big guy is 3! If you ask him how old he is, he will hold up his fingers and show you and will most likely ask you "how many numbers" you are. He is such a personable little guy. He loves anyone and everyone! Everyone loves him to. Anyone who meets Dallin loves his personality and of course his hair.

Dallin is a smarty! He knows all his colors, can count to 10, and surprises us everyday with his questions and what he knows. He can name any construction vehicle and will correct you if you are wrong. I just love having conversations with him when he is calm enough to talk with me. This guy has a lot of energy so its hard to get him to focus. But when i can, the conversations are adorable and really show off what he thinks about.

He is very independent and often if we help him with anything he gets mad and will do it all over again just so he can do it all himself. He has really been taking to Grayson lately and will help Grayson be happy when he is sad. He loves to give Grayson hugs and kisses and lately has been wanting to hold Grayson more. He is such a good brother!

Dallin is also very patient. At the park if he is waiting his turn he will say "that's okay, I'll wait!" and then will stand there. He is also very polite! He is always saying "please" and "thank you". He is very patient with his mommy when I have to care for Grayson.


+Going through the carwash

+ Old McDonald, I am a Child of God, Barges

+ Talking!

+Going to nursery at church

+ His balance bike and helmet

+ Fruit (strawberries, apples, oranges)

+ Cereal as a snack

+ Construction vehicles

+ Playing hide and seek with daddy

+ Going to the park and swinging!

+ Secret Life of Pets and Zootopia

+ Noodles or as you say it "doodles"

We just love you, Dallin!

10 months old

Height: 29 inches
Weight: 18.2 lbs

At 10 months old, Grayson is:

+ Moving forward very slowly. Inching is more like it, but we have forward movement! He mostly likes to roll around.

+ Moving out of the seated position by himself

+ Giggling at everything!

+ Eating so much better! Solids are still a hit and miss, but he is now letting go of food like cheerios so that makes self feeding so much easier for him.

+ Making lots of noise! He loves clanking toys together and goes out of his way to try and make noise with toys at church by leaning forward and hitting the chairs with the toys. 

+ Babbling! Dinner time is noisy again! He says mama, dada, baba, and yaya now.

+ Loving all the toys he isn't allowed to have (Dallin's foxes)

+ Very shy around others. He knows his family and being around other people makes him nervous. Give him a couple minutes though and he will let you hold him....usually! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

9 months old

Height: 28 inches
Weight: 17 lbs 15 oz

At 9 months old, Grayson has 4 teeth and wakes one time a night. He still doesn't really like solid foods but is slowly getting more adventurous. Grayson is picky about what he will pick up and try eating. when it comes to typical baby snacks such as cheerios and yogurt drops he only tries one and then the rest end up on the ground. Any table food we give him has to be long and skinny or else it really doesn't end up in his mouth. He doesn't like to chew and instead just sucks and tastes things. 

Grayson hasnt made much progress in the crawling department. He just rolls and does the airplane while on the floor. He is just happy to be! One thing he did start mimicking was when we shake our head. He now will try and get us all to shake our heads at him while we sit at the dinner table. He is most interested in trying to get Dallin to respond back. I love that he does this and its the cutest thing ever. 

Since the weather has been warmer, we have been outside more and Grayson loves looking all around. He likes grass surprisingly and tries to pull it from the ground. I love watching him explore things. He also got to experience bubbles and he loved watching them float around the backyard. Such a cutie!

Monday, April 10, 2017

8 Months Old

Height: 28 inches
Weight: 18 lbs

At 8 months old, Grayson has 3 teeth! His top tooth just barely popped through the gums and his other top front tooth is not far behind. Grayson has been taking about 2 naps a day and recently slept through the night a couple times. Lets hope he keeps this up because then we wont have to sleep train him! 

Grayson loves to sit up and play with toys but he struggles with standing assisted. We have been working with him to use his legs and it is still hit or miss if he will do it. So far we still have no signs of crawling or even trying to crawl. He does like to roll around though. He is starting to show signs of tantrum throwing. When we try and get him to crawl towards a toy, he often just puts his face in the carpet and then cries really hard. It's cute but also frustrating.

As for food, Grayson loves graham crackers, bits of bread, and roasted sweet potatoes slices. Banana, blueberry, and blackberry puree is still his favorite. 

Grayson loves his family and loves his brother especially. He always tries to sit forward in his car seat so he can see Dallin when we are in the car. It is so sweet to hear the two of them laughing as we drive. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

7 Months

Height: 27.5 in
Weight: about 17 lbs

This month you:

+ Got your first tooth! You were chewing on everything and it finally popped through.

+ Learned to sit up! We practiced a lot more this month and your balance has improved. You cant sit up for extended periods but if you have the right toys dangling in front of you, you are more motivated. 

+Tried Gerber puffs! You kind of gag on them but you are slowly learning to chew. 

+ Got better at eating purees. You don't stick your tongue out as often, but it still happens!

+ Really found your voice. At night you yell when you wake up rather than cry. At dinner you yell as loud as you can and your dad and I can hardly hear each other talk. Dallin looks at me all the time and says "He's so LOUD!". You really are loud! If we lose track of what we are doing when feeding you, you yell at us as well. Lots and lots of yelling!